Datalogic Memor 20 Full Touch PDA, Wi-Fi, 2D Imager, Android

Memor 20 Full Touch PDA, Wi-Fi, Ultra-slim 2D Imager w Green Spot, Android v9 with GMS, Black Color (includes Battery, USB cable, Hand strap Light)

Item # 944800003
Manufacturer: Datalogic Scanning

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Designed for enterprises with the greatest mobile challenges, the Memor 20 is a full-touch device that delivers ruggedness, power and performance in a smartphone form factor with the user-friendly experience of Android™.

The Memor 20 is the largest PDA full touch displays in the Enterprise market, thereby maximizing the application user interface, while still in a compact and rugged, yet modern form-factor. This greatly enhances the ability to seamlessly accomplish tasks with the utmost accuracy for multi-channel visibility.

With its powerful Qualcomm processor, efficient battery management, dual SIM and GPS localization, and ultimate connectivity capabilities, the Memor 20 guarantees a superior and long-lasting performance in the palm of your hands in an always connected world.

This innovative device, designed and developed to be Enterprise-ready, also incorporates Datalogic’s industry-first wireless charging system for ultra-reliable contactless charging, paired with a 1-piece swappable battery for the best operational advantage in 24/7 conditions.

The Memor 20 empowers users in retail, field services, logistic environments, and healthcare where robustness and long-lasting performance are key.

Like all the others Datalogic’s mobile computers, Memor 20 PDA is designed to resist harsh, hospital-approved disinfectants and is also available in a Healthcare version offered in white plastics to better fit Healthcare environments.

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