Aptika has just launched a free QR code generator

Aptika has just launched a new and free QR code generator. QR code (an abbreviation of Quick Response code) is a type of barcode that can be used in many different ways. We have been using QR codes ourselves for many years on each of our product detail pages.

You can scan a QR code on our website from your mobile phone and access the product directly on the mobile version of our website. This is only one example of the many applications you can use. You can also share your email on your business card, post URLs outside your company, send automatic SMS or geographic information, and link to your website from an ads in a magazine or other publication.

QR codes can now be found on vehicles, T-shirts, business cards, ID cards, coffee mugs, metro stations etc., and indeed anywhere you need to share a URL.

You can find thousands of websites offering QR code generators, but ours is very simple with no fuss. We have no ads, no sign-up is required, we do not store the information you provide and you can generate your QR code up to 2048x2048.

Just select your content type (URL, plain text, SMS, email, phone, geolocation), enter the information and click Create QR-CODE. Once you are satisfied, click Download QR-CODE and save the PNG and voila! It's done!

It's a very simple but powerful QC code generator. We hope you will enjoy using this new tool!

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