How to Calibrate your Evolis Primacy 1 Sensors

If your Primacy 1 card printer is not properly recognizing your cards, you need to calibrate the printer sensors.

Open the Evolis Print Center

Double-click on your printer and click Maintenance.

Enter the command Sa (case-sensitive S capital, lowercase a, no spaces) to adjust all the sensors in the same process. Ensure a color ribbon is inside the printer, and remove all the cards in the hopper. When ready, click Send.

Evolis Primacy 1 printer command

  1. The "warning-LED" from the control panel will start flashing.
  2. Open the cover. The "warning LED" will stop. When it's on again, close the cover.
  3. The "card/ribbon-LED" will flash. Insert a card in the feeder
  4. The card will be inserted, ejected then the sensors will be adjusted.

It's done. Your printer sensors should now be calibrated and working properly.

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Martin How-To Thursday, July 27, 2017