How to import a picture with IDpack in the Cloud

IDpack in the Cloud (IDC) is the easiest solution for managing and printing plastic ID cards online. In this video, we review how to import a picture into a record in Producer. IDC includes two main sections: Designer allows you to create your projects, choose your templates and conĀ¬figure them. As shown in this video, Producer allows you to create your records, capture/import pictures, and print your cards.

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Import Picture allows you to import .JPG, .PNG or .TIFF files, zoom in or out, move your image, crop the picture and import it into IDpack in the Cloud. If you are creating a new record, don't forget to click the Save Card button and if you are editing a card, when you click Crop Picture, it will auto-save the picture.

You can test IDpack in the Cloud for free with a 30-day IDpack Starter plan with no credit card needed. Plus, for a limited time, get up to 50 records instead of 10.

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