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IDpack Element 9.1, IDpack Business 9.1 and IDpack Professional 9.1 are now available!

Aptika is now selling version 9.1 of all IDpack editions: IDpack Element, IDpack Business and IDpack Professional. This release of IDpack includes many optimized features and bug fixes. Our three major components (video, barcode and picture) have been updated to the latest available version. IDpack is software used to print ID cards with a plastic ID card printer.

IDpack Professional 9.1

In this new version, all the codes supporting Windows XP and the CamTracer has been removed. Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft and this major code cleanup provides IDpack with a more stable environment than ever before. IDpack will run faster, smoother and the video frame rate is now much better for HD capture.

“We are very proud of this version, IDpack is close to perfection in terms of stability,” said IDpack president Martin Bourdages. “Stable software is critical in our high security industry. IDpack must work at all times to produce massive ID card output in a very short time frame.”

With the latest version of the barcode component, all barcodes have been enhanced, the QR code for IDpack Business and IDpack Professional is even sharper and no longer has a white border.

The Help document is now also available in PDF format, useful when computers are not connected to the Internet.

This major update is FREE for all our customers who purchased IDpack 9. If you haven't upgraded to IDpack 9 yet, here are some features missing since IDpack 8:

  • High Definition (HD) Video Capture provides a better quality picture, ultimately producing a high-resolution ID card.
  • Nanotext print BLACK TEXT (K) on your plastic ID card that can only be read with a magnifying glass.
  • Multilingual Support with an open XML format for unlimited language support.
  • More than 300 minor modifications.
  • Complete redesign of many windows like the Add Badge and Badge Layout.
  • Support for QR code.
  • 20 card templates.
  • Support for Omnikey RFID reader, Internal and External module (IDpack Professional only).
  • Save picture Disk, FTP and SQL Databases (MS Access, MS SQL and MySQL).
  • All datagrids have been upgraded to Windows 7 and Windows 8 style.
  • Ability to change the primary key to Numeric or String.
  • Added Magstripe encoding after Print-Preview.
  • Added support for MySQL.
  • Redesign of the Field Definitions.
  • Picture Filter in IDpack Producer.
  • And so much more!

IDpack works perfectly with Evolis, Magicard, Fargo and Zebra ID card printers. It is the perfect solution for creating ID cards, library cards, security access cards, etc.

Martin Press Release Thursday, November 20, 2014
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