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New Photo ID Systems to print Plastic ID Cards

Aptika provides complete integrated Photo ID systems to meet every special identification need at a very competitive price! Do you need plastic ID cards that requires a single-sided or a dual-sided printer? Do you have a small or large volume? Simply choose the Photo ID System that best suits your needs!

New Photo ID Systems starting a only 999$

Our selection of bundle systems is designed to create professional-looking cards for organizations that simply need an entry level, easy-to-use solution. All systems include a card printer, software, photo id camera, ribbon and PVC cards, so you can start producing cards right away.

Our Photo ID systems are perfect for printing Access Control Cards, Membership Cards, Loyalty Cards, Event Passes, Gift Cards, Student ID Cards, Medical Cards, Library Cards, Gift Cards, Transit Passes or Certification Cards. The end result is a very professional ID card of the highest quality, which will enhance your organization's image and security, or the sense of belonging to your community.

Need a custom photo ID system? Just call us!

Martin Announcement Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Customer Favorites
KIT 1 - Evolis Badgy | Single-Sided
$1,631.04You save 14.23%$1,399.00

KIT 2 - Evolis Zenius | Single-Sided
$2,405.41You save 25.21%$1,799.00

KIT 3 - Zebra ZC100 | Single-Sided
$2,854.30You save 26.46%$2,099.00

KIT 4 - Evolis Primacy | Single-Sided
$3,135.10You save 26.67%$2,299.00

KIT 5 - Evolis Primacy | Dual-Sided
$3,604.90You save 22.36%$2,799.00

KIT 6 - Zebra ZC350 | Single-Sided
$3,977.50You save 29.63%$2,799.00

KIT 7 - Zebra ZC350 | Dual-Sided
$4,817.20You save 31.52%$3,299.00

KIT 8 - Zebra ZXP Series 7 | Dual-Sided
$6,107.80You save 29.61%$4,299.00