Entrust Sigma 7 Panel Color Ribbon - YMCKT-KT - 350 prints

Entrust Sigma - 7 Panel Color Ribbon - YMCKT-KT - 350 prints per roll. For the Entrust DS2 card printers ONLY.

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The 525100-005 YMCKT-KT ribbon has a print capacity of 350 images and is designed for Sigma card printers from Entrust. It contains 7 panels: yellow (Y), magenta (M), cyan (C), black (K), transparent (T) and black (K), transparent (T). On the one hand, the YMC panels allow you to print higher-quality images since they can recreate all spectrum colours. On the other hand, the black panel allows you to print barcodes, text and monochrome graphics for the FRONT and the BACK of the card. Finally, the ribbon has a topcoat that is added to the FRONT and BACK of the card. This clear coating prevents fading and protects against abrasion. Buying only genuine Entrust supplies will ensure you get the most out of your Entrust Printers.

* Note: On one of the ribbon rollers, you will find an RFID radio-frequency antenna (see picture). This antenna should not be removed as it enables the printer to recognize the type of ribbon installed in the printer's cartridge. If this antenna is removed, the printer will display an error message and suspend card printing. Place the antenna cap on the correct roller and restart the printer to fix this problem.

The 525100-005 YMCKT ribbon is compatible with the following card printers:

  • DS2 from the Sigma Series


  • Product code: 525100-005
  • Regional ribbon for North America
  • Double-sided printing: 350 cards
  • Automatic adjustments of printer settings
  • Includes a cleaning kit: one (1) isopropanol cleaning card and one (1) adhesive cleaning sleeve
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